How to play on Tinder !

We’ve come a long way since 2000’s and we’ve never looked back to the moment where yahoo messenger was the shizz, Orkut was the thing. They were the only Online Dating paths back then. We’re in 2016 now and everything is at convenience.We have tinder of all the in-famous Apps which is the real swell.


tinder 1
I am no Miss Goody Shoes or anything, even I was on tinder swiping both Sexes. Well, it was not a pleasant experience swiping girls but swiping guys was. However, while I managed to swipe genuine, nice guys I also encountered the other types too. I write this article so that the next time you are on tinder having fun “finding true love (just a dream)” or “let’s just get on with the show” you better get it right, my dear friend!


RULE NO 1. That one Jaw Dropping Picture.
ALWAYS! ALWAYS keep a full-length picture where you actually look decent. It might just impress somebody who is interested in you for once (not for sex bdw). It does magic. But please when you do upload don’t upload something where your face is smudged or defaced or filled with 10 zillion filters. Guys don’t like it, girls think it’s just too much to handle. So yeah! No-No to bad pictures and YES! To that one good eye candy picture.

RULE NO 2. Be honest in your intentions.
I feel it is always necessary to state your intention when you swipe someone on Tinder. It does not matter when you put forth what you want. What’s to lose? You rather ask them when it’s a match, what is in their heads. And please it will never damage your ego or self-esteem if you make the first move. Just be blunt and do the honors. “Hey, so what are you interested in? Long run or just hook up?” you can stop wasting your time and as well as theirs. If you are looking for a serious business then please do this and get rid of the clingy “one-night stand-er’s”.

It is so stupid to swipe anyone who you don’t even know just to get a match. Do some effort, read their bio’s, swipe for more pictures, also don’t forget to see if you guys have mutual friends. It will always help you do some background checking. I always did it. Very handy! What if the guy or girl turns out to be a real psycho-bitch? Rather be a clever fox and swipe carefully, even if you want a hookup. Don’t swipe them away like credit/debit cards to get those stupid matches. Sometimes it turns out that these profiles don’t even exist in reality. They are fake. Now you don’t want to sleep with a fake profile. Do you?

RULE NO 4. Have a conversation.
Once you get a match, WAIT FOR IT. If the person likes your profile. They won’t hesitate in initiating a conversation. But if they fail to do so, does not mean you cannot. If you like them you can always make the first move. It’s always sexy to make the first move. Shows confidence. Unless you don’t act like a douche.

RULE NO 5. Keep your inbox free.
You always get an unnecessary notification on tinder even when you get a match. So, if you are not having a conversation with these matches or they don’t interest you anymore. Unmatch them immediately! These things keep getting mixed with the matches that you have and you may end up on missing out on a good person. Try keeping it neat when it comes to messaging these “Prospective Leads” * winks with an evil smile*

RULE NO 5. Meet your prospective leads. You may end up in “absolute love” or just “rocking their lives (coughs *beds*) ”haha.
I have met a total of three guys on tinder over a period of 6 months. All three were incredibly different in their life styles, their personality, and their perspective. They were smart, funny, and cute too. In fact, I “ALMOST” dated (BUT NEVER REALLY DATED) one for about two months. Sadly, it was not meant to be. But if I had to meet them personally off tinder I wouldn’t have actually met them in reality. I would not even have the slightest of ideas that they existed and they are so nice. But it was worth giving them a chance and meeting them finally. Look at it, TINDER helps you network with a variety of people across borders. Tinder is being nice.

• Well, BOY #1 was a total brainiac. He blew my mind away with his number games and he was like my personal Wikipedia. Walking in this case! He was probably an asshole because he portrayed himself ridiculously busy at all times. He was a complete Emotional Prude. I could smell that off his skin. Also probably he thought he was a stud of some sort. He was the bitch but! The worst was he asked me out on a date the evening we met and that was a completely desperate move. I had this pin prick in my heart.. *kaachiingg*
BOY #2 was probably 5’3 and I am 5’ myself. It was like two midgets together. He was a very sweet guy. Always ready to make pancakes for me on the go. We surprisingly had many interests in common but we never really were on the same page. We ended up being good neighbors and friends now!
BOY #3 was the best I went out with. He was a heart throb! I fell for him the moment I laid eyes on him. *singing NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU BY ADAM LEVINE* He could sing, play guitar, cook and he was an avid reader and a listener. He was a catch. I believe we had a spark but we never really clicked later. He was definitely not cheesy and mushy like I am. I waited for a while before I gave him a chance, but it was me. I ended up falling for him. But sadly, it never worked out. In my heart, I hoped we had a long run!
But hey, why am I talking about how Tinder can be great for hooks ups or special relationships when I am still single here? Because like Tinder says “keep swiping, keep playing”. Yeah! It’s a game, keep playing. This is 2016, this is how we roll, and this is how we date now. This is how we function. And “kids, this is how we meet your mother’s and father’s” (that cheesy dialogue from HIMYM).
Tinder helps you stay socially active. Tinder helps you become an extrovert (in some ways). Tinder gets you laid. Tinder finds a special someone for you. Tinder can be fun to read bio’s and kill time too. Tinder helps you meet people you are interested in while you try figuring out who is the best fit for you. You can start over and over again. So many options to swipe from. Also, you can see what you want and don’t want in your next “Prospective Lead”.
So my dear friends, choose wisely. Stay well! *whispers* keep condoms ready too.


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