So Robin William says:

” I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it feels like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that “

I am not saying that I am a sad person but I love making people happy, it could be in any way. It could be by writing a letter, baking a cake, writing good things about them on post-its or just simply talking to them if that’s what makes them happy and makes them feel any good about themselves or brings a big ass smile on their sad face. I mean it is worthwhile to me too.

What I also cannot stop thinking about is how do people fall in love with each other and why can they fall out too. How do they learn to accept the flaws and the beautiful part parts too? I wonder how many people are running away  from their lives and careers and homes and how many are going back home. Somebody’s worst day is somebody else’s “Saturday” or “best-day” ever. I wonder how many people are making the worst decision of their lives and how many are learning from their mistakes in life. I wonder how many hearts are also being broken right now.

But mostly lets talk about happiness, think how many people are falling in love today! Somebody is proposing somebody today! It could be someone’s best birthday ever today! Maybe some one is enjoying crunching on a piece of watermelon today !Think of all the infinite possibilities that can be associated with happiness just for today. I like seeing people walk hand-in-hand in the parks, taking a moment to kiss their loved ones. I like watching romantic-comedy movies. How the funny guy scores the girl in the end. ALWAYS ! I also like it when there is a song on the radio and I claim to ” absolutely hate it”  but I sing every word of it with my friends and dance with them like a doofus.

It is stupid when I see a girl hates another but its nice to see that  drunk girls are generally nice to each other in the wash room. Lets take a moment for those who are getting married like “RIGHT NOW” . Lets get happy for the good days that you’ve spent being happy doing what you love doing. Lets be happy that we get to eat our favourite pizza’s and Ice creams and love everything unconditionally.  I believe a soul mate is some one who reflects you in the mirror, they are the other half of you. All that you miss in you is filled by them. Soul mates are like jigsaw puzzle. Meant to fix!  I like happy endings too.











One thought on “Basically…

  1. Somebody’s worst day is somebody else’s “Saturday”:this line is awesome, looking forward for your next write up as I finished reading all your writings here.

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