Things about working with Camera-flash people


Like I usually do.. my trend, I quit my happy job. Trust me it was not a happy job. I was so bored of it that I went late like a lazy bum.  Right a month after NYE I put down my paper on 30th January.Some trend I follow, I quit my job very quiet often. Like finding a Dream Boy I am in deep search of my “Dream Job” . Nevertheless in no time, my aunt who is a fashion designer put me across to her friend, A Fashion Photographer, Syed Zubiar. He runs the studio “Studio 11” in Bangalore. Quiet a guy he is. Very eccentric in his work, very fun to be around and focused when he is shooting and also quiet known for his work in the fashion industry.

However, I always wished to work with a production team. So chaotic,so energetic and all the hooh haah feeling. Seems fancy pancy but when I assisted for my first photo shoot for Van Heusen I got the rush of the actual work and the hands on job was crazy. The models were handsomely dressed for every costume . We refered to Cavali’s lookbook, H&M’s lookbook for our new BTS.

It was very nice of zubair to take me in. I was supposed to understand the working of production and the industry in a single show, but it was so intriguing that I stayed here for two more – where we shot for ABOF and RELIANCE. I actively was a part for the reliance shoot, I assisted the production head with the building a whole set to selecting old articles to recreate village-y set for the product shot.

The moment of surprise for me that I noticed was the amount of “this-is-how-we-con-people-into-believing”.  The best part about the shoot was meeting new clients, recreating sets which never really existed, changing walls for convenience, hiring new-old articles from the art gallery and just getting it executed.

So, there was this time when I used to click my friends picture very quiet often. Like I clicked for her graduation, her birthday, now and then, and soon her convocation too. I thought the concept of photography was very very easy. Just click where ever there is light, use the lighting concept. It was such an amusement to stand next to the photographer while he clicked such beautiful still pictures of these pretty decked up models. The number of lighting used to create a warm picture, the lighting modifier- Octa, Soft box, Light diffuser, the Kino’s-used for making a BTS video or taking a still picture and ultimately the huge camera. The concept of photography makes even more sense in depth if you start learning and understanding it. It sure does get one confused but it is the ultimate beautiful picture that we want at the end of the day. There is so much more learning that is left to do and I am happy that I get this very good opportunity to explore.

A thing or two you need to know about these good photographers is: they need absolute silence when they get into the zone, they need uplifting music when they click and yes, they are absolute fun to be around with .



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