The girl who Kept Falling


Maybe she is losing her mind over it or maybe it’s just the biological chemical reaction messing around with her head! Whatever may the reason be the girl with short hair fell for it.

This feeling was something which she hadn’t learnt about or felt. She couldn’t keep herself contained any more. She tried concentrating on the thought that was stuck in her head.

She tried learning about what was happening, but that was definitely not helping her. She was dreamy and lost.


She is thankful to the New Year that has gifted her, her new interest and thankful that she got to spend time with him. She is thankful that she got to adore him and admire his beautiful face when he was left unguarded. When he smiled away at her silly jokes and stupid sense of nothing she is left feeling happy that she found him. She is excited to be with him and smiles away hopelessly when she is with him.

The girl with short hair yearns to get the deeper insight of this guy who has her heart on a deeper level for there is so much more left to be discovered beneath his skin. She finds him the sexiest human on earth with the looks of an angel. She also finds him the “goofiest” man who she can share her dirty thoughts with. He is just the Guy that she always dreamt of. A listener. An avid reader. A cutie with the right amount of everything. An Equilibrium to her unstable chemical reaction.

She waits for him to be back from where ever he is and looks forward to romantic yet cute lunch dates where she can blabber her heart before him. She looks forward to singing like a crooked frog while he plays his guitar like he always does.

She had her First with him. She wishes to have her second. Maybe there are going to be those days when they fight but it would only mean that these are the building blocks to their trust and foundation to their unlabeled relationship. There are going to be highs and lows. There are going to be days when none of them are going to talk but the girl with short hair looks forward to the days when he comes smiling like a Sunflower to meet her because she finds his lips and his smile captivating.

She wants to be there for him not just for the moment but when he needs her, when he needs motivation and when he is at his low’s. She wants to encourage him not because he wants it but because he deserves it and she knows that he can do it.

Having ice-cream with him, watching movies with him, loafing around the city on her scooter are the moments that she awaits for when he is back from where ever he is. What matters to her is being his best friend and being there for him like Monica is for Chandler, She wants to cherish each moment spent with him and create memories with him. She looks forward to spending years with him though it’s just a mere thought in her head. She wants to connect with him and strike intellectual conversations about ” why is world round and not square? ” and ” Are black holes really holes or just empty space like vacuum cleaner that gulps in everything? ”

She wants to surprise him, explore cuisines she has never had in her lifetime. The thought excites her. He entices her. She thinks of spending hours and days with him meaning she will fall for him even more than she thinks. She wishes to experience the magic for this New Year with him when he is back from where ever he is.






17 thoughts on “The girl who Kept Falling

  1. That is one lucky lucky guy, isn’t he ?
    I hope he returns from wherever he is real soon.

    Nicely written. 🙂
    PS : I was just commenting when you followed. Thanks. But that was too fast. 😛 #justSaying

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is one lucky lucky guy, isn’t he?

    Though I have never met any girl so deep in love.
    But I hope she finds him and he comes back from wherever he is.

    Nicely written.

    PS : I was just commenting when you followed. Thanks.
    And that was too fast. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • when we humans evolved we had four legs, four hands. Greek god Zeus could not bear the thought what monsters he created and thought we humans will defeat the gods, if i am not mistaken.. soo he separated this monster into 2 individual and commanded or said ” you will forever be in search till you find your counterpart” .. so when love sparks it means you found your better half..

      I made up and mixed some theory I read days ago. please believe it :*


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