Going for the Heart and not the Brain

woman and hand

So I was wondering, is it possible to get over someone so quickly that you don’t feel guilty about it? Well, it was a Yes for me. And that was majorly because I chose to have positive people around me and people who never let me down and filled my day with lots of sunshine when I was stuck in a rainy day and also for the fact that whatever happened was past, and it was time to let go it and move on as none of it is going to define me or my future but only teach me certain things.

What I realized I did in all my past relationship was : I did not understand the difference between “Actually listening to my heart” and “Listening to my emotions” . My dear close associate at office helped me draw a clear picture between the two.

She briefly explained to me with how we misunderstand on acting out on our emotions as listening to our hearts . How we often fail to differentiate between the two sorts of feelings. While she spoke to me in regards to the difference between the two it helped me clear the clouds. What I suddenly realized was whenever I think I was listening to my heart, I actually wasn’t.

When one is listening to ones heart ( CONDITION: You’re in a new relation) your decisions are calm, at peace, they are definitely not hasty, there is no doubt in the decision you make, you think twice so that nothing can go absolutely wrong, and the decisions are out of pure love and they are true. And everything is sloowww.

When we listen to our emotions (CONDITION: Same as above mentioned). (MOOD: gusshh of feelings) our decisions are out of desperation (because I wanted to do it and they wanted to do it), decisions are out of over-enthusiasm ( because the feeling is new and you feel like a butterfly and you want to feel all sorts of emotions) also sometimes they are so spontaneous that after you take a decision you feel like you made a fool out of yourself in the end. And yeah, sometimes the decisions are such that you have pushed yourself so far in regards to feel what you wanted to feel.

We are such reckless teenagers that we neglect to take a minute and understand If this act (Taking the right decision in whatsoever scenario )  is the right action or out of desperation? Will this act help me or break me? would this decision make things better or is even admirable at any cost? is this act noble?

Listening to heart is listening to heart (intuition) , listening to emotions is like listening to brains(logical thinking) .So I went down to the memory lane to when I was dating these “boys” I thought to myself “OH MY GAADDD !! WHAT WAS I THINKING? I PUSHED MYSELF, CHANGED MYSELF TO FEEL GOOD. AND I WAS NOT EVEN HAPPY” I thought it was heart speaking but nay, it was just the rush of emotions and I concluded how I need to settle down and think that hasty decisions are never helping. They only spoil things ! And alsoo how I need to settle for someones heart and not someone’s intuition (or brains – being less sapiosexual-). Its temporary. You like someone? Take time. Go slow. If its meant to be, it will happen. Listen to yourself .

Well, I wrote this because I could not keep these thoughts in my head. I do not mean to offend anybody’s  feelings or emotions.






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