How did I know he will never Give in

Okay,Lets consider this. We have all been through the phase where we really like this person. We have all sorts of questions running through our heads. We start thinking beyond our capabilities, possibility and tend to be super futuristic about our lives together. Age no barrier in such scenarios, women from different ethnicity , age , country have the same questions like I do : “Does he like me?”  “Will it work out for the both of us?”  “Do I have to change for him ?”  “Will he leave me?”  These are the constant question that are always in your tummy churning you in and out.

There are so many things at stake, Your emotions, your heart, your feelings and of course precious time. Where time is of the essence..

But there are certain things about men which are like hints, hints to understand “Girl, he is just not into you”.

Man and woman silhouette sunset


Hint # 1:  YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM, so this guy I was seeing, I thought I knew things about him. But honestly I did not. I knew just the few important details of his life. But I never got the insight to his fears, his strengths, his life, his family. I knew nothing about him. I spoke to him for hours on the phone call, boy oh boy ! I never knew what was running in his head or the emotions that he was going through. I knew that when I am opening up to him, I am clearly investing myself on him and I expect the same which never seemed to happen.

Hint # 2: THEY LEAVE YOU FOR WEEKS UNANNOUNCED AND GET BACK AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. So, there was this time where things looked like they were fine and then the guy disappeared, he said he liked me and stuff, but if a guy really likes you he would never leave you abandoned in the first place. For guys who leave you think ” oh I will find her where I left her. We can do this again”. They don’t even have the littlest courtesy to tell where they are going too. They just disappear !

Hint # 3: YOU DON’T KNOW EVEN IF ITS A RELATIONSHIP, its weird when guys forget to mention what they expect from the girl. It gets hard for a girl to accept the face value and move on. We have to wait till these guys decide if we are good enough for them and they can be in a relationship with us.. If its just sex, please say its just for sex. Don’t make the poor thing wait for you till you decide because she has honestly sold herself for you.

Hint # 4: THESE GUYS DODGE WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT FAMILIES OR INTRODUCING FRIENDS,  it’s a big deal for the girl if the boy introduces them to his folks or friends. If they dodge you when asked about family or introducing to their friends. Please get it, its a “no no” “RED-FLAG”. If a guy is serious at all he would never hesitate to introduce you to his family or friends, avoiding it would mean he does not see you with him for a long run.  Also there are guys who would just introduce you to their families. For them they want to either show you off or they just do it because they honestly don’t think what you think at all.

Hint # 5: YOU HAVE NEVER SPENT ALONE TIME WITH THEM, If a guy  really likes you and is  head over heels for you, trust me he would do absolutely anything to get you in his world. He will tell you the kind of music he likes, the food he loves eating, his favorite movie he loves watching. These are things that need no financial investments . He would take time and take you out for dinner, if he cannot he would do something and anything creative to show you how much you mean to him. Some things need effort to spark love.

Hint # 6: THEY NEVER SEEM TO BE BOTHERED WITH WHAT YOU DO, these are the guys who never bother what feelings you are going through, dont ask how you are feeling, or how would you feel if things dont go the way you two planned. They are not even worried for you and dont care how your day was. They re just there for fun sake. Probably the ones who would not be bothered if you see them with another girl/boy. They’re just there

Hint # 7: THEY JUST LIE, There are also those kinds who constantly lie. So this guy I knew kept lying to me everytime I asked him if he were free to catch up. EVER FUCKING TIME. I mean whats the point. Just tell me the  goddamn truth ,  another guy lied to me, “I’m busy with meetings” “I’m at the gym” ” I’m elsewhere for the weekend, I’m held up” . Girls probably think they are actually  busy and put their plans on hold.

If this guy really likes you he would teenie bit to make you stay in his life. He will make sure you like his family and his family likes you too. He will make sure he invests himself fully into you, if he sees you in future with him.

So ladies, cut yourselves some slack and move on if you notice this happening.









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