For the year 2016 and many more to come ahead


When we tripped to Gokarna, Karnataka.

So, the year 2015 has almost come to an end. As I read across the posted articles and how people are traveling across continent’s and I feel I have done  absolutely nothing and letting the year just pass me by. I realized I am not just not too late and I finally managed to create a WordPress account to pitch in my thoughts from the things that bother me to the littlest things that being me joy. As the year ends I also came to a realization that there are so many things I wanted to do while I was just a grad student, I was a free spirit and I wasted time while I could do it all. Well, I believe its never too late to catch up with the things you’ve always dreamt of doing, which have the highest possibilities of changing my perspective about life and everything that happens around me.

Well, the 25 things I look forward to accomplishing in 2016 or near future are :

  1. Open a Savings account: Save for the rainy day.
  2. Change my Industry from Real Estate to Wedding Management or likewise.
  3. Travel to Dharamshala, Leh, Himachal Pradesh, Taj Mahal, Red Fort and understand the history in brief period of time and embrace the architectural beauty of the Indian History.
  4. Learn how to Give a massage.
  5. Go bag-packing to an unknown Destination.
  6. Be of use: do “One act of Kindness” Help people in distress . (chennai seems the right moment to serve my purpose).
  7. Work with my NGO FSL-YDP and travel abroad and do some community service.
  8. Help a stranger Unannounced.
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Learn how to dance or maybe how to move a little.
  11. Leave the fear of water behind, learn how to swim maybe
  12. Make a new friend once a month
  13. Let go of the fear of Public speaking
  14. Teach at a school
  15. Learn how to “let go and live with it
  16. Try new Cuisines , be independent, watch movies alone and experiment.
  17. Try finishing Dan Brown and adopt to reading more often– try variety
  18. Go to a concert, with my loved ones or JUST DO IT SOLO
  19. Try to learn a new skill. like Negotiation or Debating or just hone my communication skills and learn new words
  20. Try bringing a change where I work, Create an impact
  21. Go on a date with a friend to a park/ go for a picnic.
  22. Travel to a village and sleep under the starry skies
  23. Bake a cake for someone special who means the world to me ( depends on who that person would be then)
  24. Donate blood on my 23rd Birthday
  25. Adopt a baby child when I am old and Matured enough.

I would only scratch the “wish” once I truly Feel I have accomplished and have done it religiously and fulfilled its purpose.

I hope 2016 brings joy and tons of activity.


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