Eight Things About Donald Trump

Source: Eight Things About Donald Trump

What I do not understand is ‘How are Americans even supporting such a Fascist, Racist?’ This is outrageous. I was so surprised and my jaws literally dropped when I read an article in the newspaper yesterday. How is he even running for the presidential election. He brands and labels almost everything. He is “trump-ing” on pretty much everything now. Let alone the Mexicans, I’m sorry !

He brands and loves himself so much or should I say boast so much that even if I had $200 million I would not buy shit from “TRUMP ESTATES”. NO!

So, what he has to say ON OBAMA caught my eye. I am going to quote this ” Obama is going to be out playing golf. He might be on one of my courses. I would invite him. I have the best courses in the world. I have one right next to the white house” . Like seriously? who says that!

okay, Now this is what he tweets about Obama ” sadly, because President Obama has done such a bad job. you wont see a Black president for generations”. I have no clue how President Obama is acting so patient.

ON IMMIGRATION: He says he will build a wall, a great great wall and he will make the Mexicans pay for it. If he is really standing up for Presidential polls, isn’t he supposed to be uniting people and be JUST to everybody rather make such opposing comments and show such hatred?
ON CHINA: In an interview he openly announced that “china is their enemy”. The biggest bank in the world is from China and their HQ is in USA, in Trump Tower. If I were heading that bank I would secretly ask somebody to blow it up and I would peacefully move out of it (no offence).





TRUMP ON MUSLIM is something which baffled me. Seems like he is taking away the fundamental rights from people to live and express themselves. Well, he is using his  fundamental right to make obscene statements. Its just a bunch of people who are doing wrong, why label the whole community? The community has nothing to do with the attacks. They are equally a part of the country like American Mosaic.

ON HIMSELF: I would just call him a NARCISSIST, a Buffoon, a Fascist and a Racist. He does not spare The Women, The Mexicans, The Blacks, The Disabled  . Can he state his intention, DOES HE WANT TO BE A “PRESIDENT” OR JUST WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION BECAUSE HE THINKS HE CAN OWN IT? MAYBE HE THINKS THIS IS “WWE” . YEAH! MAYBE.

Trump is playing it very nice, dividing America in the most cynical way and people are even following it. I am not sure how is he going to survive this. I am not even sure if he will make it to the top. Even if he gets elected(worst case scenario) I cannot imagine the future of USA.
God bless, America !