“A solution to a Breakup is a haircut” ?

So I watched this movie starring Gul panag, namely “Turning 30” (which seriously I did not enjoy watching. The story line just seemed to be missing) . Anyway, there was this concept I got hold on to “A solution to a breakup is a haircut” . It was simple, catchy, and kind of made sense ( yeah ! go on , you can judge me ). I did follow her ideology and chip chopped my hair every now and then when I broke up with “The-love-of-my-life” ( 7-8 is the count I guess.) Well, I got a chance to explore my self with all sorts of hair styles .


While I religiously followed this concept I had to know the reason as to whyyy do girls do that ? does that offer any help?

So I read this article by an anonymous writer, where she briefly tries explaining the reason behind her haircut post-breakup.

So she says she carved  her hair not only because it seemed like an escape from her breakup but also because it seemed like the perfect, silent ways to re-start her life again. It seemed like the perfect victory over the broken heart and the terror she went through and just wanted to forget it.

But, that’s where she went wrong. She did not realize that she was just not chopping her hair but it was a way of mourning over the pain. Its just an illusion to control the uncontrollable feeling and the struggle to get over the past. This act simply meant how desperate the move was and she was grieving  over the guy, how important he was in her life. She mourned over the times she spent with him, how she shared the worldly perspective with him and how she lived in a complete different dimension when she was next to him, around him. She missed the transition that both went through  in their course period of relationship.


All that she thought was carving her hair off would give her another chance to live. It was clearly a desperate move to run away from sorrow and pain. It was an act of foolishness, which she seemed to realize finally and found herself in  disgust and uncomfortable in her own skin. It was just not her, it was somebody else trying to run away from life. What is life when you run away from things that bother you?!

It was a phase of consciousness where she understood that with each haircut a part of her died and a new person was born to live a new life. Someone she had to live with(which she never liked).. she also figured out that she was losing herself little by little all her life. FOR WHAT? for someone who broke her heart??

To be loved and love someone, To be someone’s constant, to feel like the only one and have the constant need for someone are some of the feelings everybody desires for . It is a void to feel loved that can never be filled .

She came to an understanding that lovers are like cloudy rains, they come and they go. They simple never stay like sunshine.

That’s where even I came to my consensus that I need to move on no matter what, Why am I troubling myself by chopping my hair off,I need to assent my own shenanigans. Let the hair grow, the hair grows the pains gets smaller. I will beautifully nurture as a better human being and try learning from my mistake. There is no reason to cut my hair like the way I cut my heart out.






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